Designed to empower leaders to implement coaching in the workplace and increase company ROE & ROI.

Building a coaching culture at work equips companies with the skills and know-how to grow and nurture talent, improve team relations and increase performance.

Coaching For Results Program is training leaders to deploy coaching in the workplace with the maximum benefits:

  • Breakthrough performance strategies 
  • ROI validation tools for organization 
  • Attack employee performance stagnation 
  • Break through models to improve teams performance
  • Management systems and models to sustain performance gains  

But this isn't an usual training. It is an extensive coaching program which transform leaders into great corporate coaches, within 8 weeks.

What sets us apart:

  • Challenging, relevant and adaptable course content
  • Credentialed coach trainers, adept at bringing out the best of your leadership to cultivate the coaching momentum for your organizations
  • Up-to-date methodologies, techniques and tools to optimize employee engagement and leadership development
  • Continuous support and life-time access to resources to reinforce the learned skills and strengthen the coaching culture.


  • Extensive content

    The program covers the core coaching skills and models, along with NLP techniques for organizational use, team coaching methodology and coaching for management.

  • Practice and mentoring

    The course includes 12 hours of coaching practice in the workplace, under the close guidance of a mentor coach, an invaluable aid in developing practical coaching skills.

  • Combined learning styles

    The rich content is delivered through a combination of live training, online interaction, self-study, face-to-face intense practice and mentoring.

  • Dynamic structure

    The course is structured in 3 parts: 3 days of live training, 6 weeks of field work and 2 additional days of live training.

  • Quality training

    This program is delivered by professional trainers with corporate background and management experience.

  • Lifetime access to resources

    Once enrolled to this program, a participant gain lifetime access to coaching resource platform and to our student support team.

Course curriculum

Organizational gains

Coaching For Results Program helps leaders build a strong coaching culture in the workplace, by delivering the coaching knowledge and skills foundations, applied to organizational environment.

  • Performance coaching: participants are taught how to use coaching as an effective performance improvement technique, encouraging their staff to set and achieve personal goals.

  • Coaching models such as TGROW, Coaching Circle and the 5QF questioning framework are included in the program to equip participants with the right tools to immediately apply coaching at work.

  • A great deal of focus is placed on enhancing communication skills at a managerial levels, through NLP techniques and increased self-awareness activities.

  • The program includes a section on how to do and receive feedback, using appreciative inquiry techniques, which have proved to be extremely effective in generating resourceful, problem-solving mindsets.

  • Coaching conversations are structured to generated the desired outcomes. The coachee, by identifying and agreeing to be accountable for objectives of the session will experience positive results.

  • Different types of assessments, such as Emotional Intelligence or SDI, are included in the program to increase behavioral awareness and provide participants with tools for managing challenging behaviors.

Benefits for leaders

  • Engage in effective conversations with immediate results

  • Develop critical thinking skills to enhance team performance

  • Create more opportunities for delegation

  • Enhanced leadership skills

Benefits for employees

  • Interact with managers in a more collaborative way

  • Increase involvement in decision making and managing

  • Gain greater visibility and exposure to information

  • Improve job/role satisfaction

Individual pricing options

This price applies for individual participation: managers, team leaders and aspiring leaders within the same/different organizations who want to further develop their leadership skills and increase their positive impact in the workplace.


Enroll now and you'll benefit of business building tools, lifetime access to resources and discounts


Benefits for organization

  • Enhance employee productivity and performance

  • Increase retention of employees

  • Enable employees to respond quickly and more favorably to change

  • Transform from command and control to a coaching culture

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