Transforming life coaching into a career.

A training that takes you from 0 to 100% through extensive knowledge base, practical opportunities, mentoring and life long support.

The Practitioner Coach Diploma (PCD) paves the way to your successful life coaching business. The rich content, practical coaching sessions, mentoring, along with the continuous support from our caring team will transform you into a fully accredited, professional life coach.

The Diploma level is a full certification and aims at students who wish to make life coaching their career. 

It can be treated as a course on its own right or as a middle step between the Life And Executive Coaching Foundations and the Executive and Corporate Coaching Diploma. Either way, it is highly flexible and adaptable so that it fits your needs and busy schedule.

What sets us apart:

  • Extensive coaching knowledge covering all the core coaching competences, as set by the accreditation body. 
  • Presented 100% online, it is highly interactive and gives you the opportunity of interaction with our student team and with other students enrolled in the program.
  • The mix of text, recorded lectures and videos are accompanied by practice opportunities with one of our accredited coaches.
  • Continuous support and life-time access to resources to reinforce the learned skills.
  • It includes 10 hours of mentoring with a master coach, to give you the practical coaching abilities.
  • We are serious about practice. The course includes 100 hours of coaching sessions to prepare you to be the best life coach on the market. 
  • This is the only coach training program offering two accreditation paths:  International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) and International Coaching Federation (ICF).


  • Thorough coaching knowledge

    This course offers extensive coaching knowledge and practice. The 100 hours of mandatory coaching sessions enable you to demonstrate a good learning of coaching skills.

  • Self study and student contact hours

    It has 48 student hours + 3 days of live training, providing you with the necessary portfolio for ACC ICF accreditation path. And our team is supporting you with the accreditation process.

  • International Accreditation

    As a CCE, it is the perfect fit if you want to get international accreditation with IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring) or ICF (International Coaching Federation).

  • Practice opportunities

    The mix of self-study, online classes and webinars gives you the possibility to fit it in your tight schedule. You have access to a wide variety of resources and networking possibilities.

  • Interactive content

    The content is provided in way that it is both interactive and easy to follow. The online platform allows the live completion of activities and reflective notes.

  • Lifetime access to resources

    Once enrolled to this program, a participant gain lifetime access to coaching resource platform and to our student support team.

Course curriculum

Learning outcomes

The program will support you in developing:

  • analytical independent thought as basis for coaching practice and participatory learning the capacity to act as an effective coach 

  • the capacity to evaluate perspectives at individual level 

  • the ability to contribute to contemporary debate and research in the area of coaching 

  • the appropriate coaching skills, models and mindset  

  • the expanding body of coaching theory and practice  

  • analytically reflect on your continuing coaching development needs and then take appropriate action to address these and develop your strengths  

  • synthesize knowledge and skills in order to advance your own professional knowledge and practice. 

Flexible pricing options

We have different payment plans so that the only thing you care about is getting started with the course.

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